This Herbal Oil Diffuser Is on Sale and Here to Help You Get Through the Holidays

Hey you! Yeah, you, the person who’s had some questionable quarantine fashion. Despite what your social distancing attire would suggest, we know you were once a person who enjoyed a fancy night out on the town. Remember it like it was yesterday instead of almost a year ago: a round of small plates at the local tapas spot, followed by a hearty meal at the gastropub, and a nightcap at that new cocktail bar. It gives us the warm fuzzies just thinking about the long meals at Michelin Star eateries that serve lavish herb-infused oils and butter with fancy dinner rolls. While we can’t offer you a service staff or a professional chef, you can still cook high-class meals at home in your jim-jams with the LEVO II: Herbal Oil Infuser.

The first gadget to streamline herbal infusion from start to finish, the LEVO has precise time and temperature control plus three settings that allow you to dry, activate, or infuse ingredients into oil, honey, or butter. It works for the most potent oils too, thanks to its Power Pod feature. A bonus is the smell control technology which reduces disbursement and locks in all of those yummy aromas.

Not into making products spreadable and edible? This infusor is also great for those who enjoy making candles, glycerine, skincare, and almost anything you can think of that needs a little infusion flare. And, because of course it does, the LEVO has a companion app that allows you to set, save, and store your favorite settings.

Find out why this kitchen appliance was featured in Esquire, Forbes, Rolling Stone, and USA Today. Grab the LEVO II: Herbal Oil Infuser for $211.99 (Reg. $249). That’s a 15% discount and a fraction of what your typical dinner-for-two bill would be at the type of restaurant that serves infused butter.

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