Manchester City’s Gundogan Announcement is so 2016 it Makes Me Sick

Image Credit: VI-Images / Getty Images

The Manchester City Gundogan announcement couldn’t have been anymore 2016 if it tried. With huge transfers usually being confirmed at the tail-end of weeks of speculation from tabloid newspapers citing unverified “sources”, followed by Guillem Ballague belatedly waddling into the conversation to tell you that he can exclusively reveal that the transfer has definitely been given the go-ahead, Man City instead took to Twitter to unveil Gundogan, emojis and all. 

After the now former Borussia Dortmund player tweeted at Manchester City telling them to “ANNOUNCE GUNDOGAN” accompanied by a winking face, Manchester City replied: “Sounds like a plan,” before linking to a post officially confirming the signing of the German international player, effectively bypassing the typical press conference reserved for such a lucrative transfer. While it’s hardly an anomaly for football announcements to leak onto Twitter before the club officially confirms them, this may be the first example of Twitter being the intended destination for such major transfer news.

In terms of generating traffic to Man City’s social media pages, it’s  a good idea. With new transfer announcements typically following the standard procedure of a press conference/official club statement, followed by one of those awkward photo opportunities where the player holds the club’s shirt in front of him, smiling so broadly it’s feared that his face may break in half, this approach cuts out the middle man entirely. However, if Manchester City have started a trend here, where will this end? Will players’ contracts soon come with the caveat that they must become pally with their club’s social media manager on Twitter?

Unfortunately for Gundogan, it seems that merely tweeting at the Manchester City account wasn’t enough for them, with him now addressing the club’s fans in a video message seemingly recorded in a room with closed curtains. Why are the curtains closed? Why do they not want anyone to see inside this room? Why are they hiding you away, Gundogan? Are they keeping you hostage? RUN GUNDOGAN. RUN WHILE YOU STILL HAVE THE CHANCE.

Speaking of his move to Manchester City, the 25-year-old said: “I’m thrilled to have signed for Manchester City. When I learned of City’s interest my heart was set on coming here and things have moved very quickly.” He added: “I can promise the City fans I will give everything to help us win titles both in England and the Champions League. These are exciting times. I have my best years ahead of me and I think we can achieve great things together. I can’t wait to begin this new chapter in my career.