Pep Guardiola Sparks Concern After Weird Post-Match Interview

Pep Guardiola has had a strange couple of days in the spotlight. Despite the Manchester City manager only being six months into his tenure with the club, he revealed yesterday that his career as a coach was “coming to an end” and that the process of his goodbye was already in full swing. Following this shocking admission, Guardiola then went on to give a strange post-match interview following his club’s 2-1 victory over Burnley, in which he appeared agitated and thoroughly displeased with the win.

Speaking to the BBC following the game, Guardiola was asked about his opinion regarding Fernandinho’s red card, to which he replied: “You are the journalist, not me.” After the interviewer questioned Guardiola’s satisfaction with his team’s performance, the Spaniard launched into explanation of questionable sincerity, adding: “More than you believe, more than you believe I am happy. I’m so happy, believe me. I’m so happy, happy new year.”

Watch the awkward interview below:

There are now suggestions that Guardiola may be struggling to cope with his time in the Premier League, after coming to England following a routinely successful spell at Bayern Munich. Though Guardiola’s comments regarding his early retirement — the 45-year-old has only spent a decade as a professional football manager — seem to indicate that this could be the case, he also added that he could potentially stay with Man City for three years or longer.

However, Guardiola appeared to be particularly frustrated with the officiating in the English league, complaining that referee Lee Mason did not award a foul to City after Sam Vokes’s challenge on Claudio Bravo. “It is always our fault, it’s always City’s fault”, Guardiola claimed, adding: “All around the world, the Burnley goal on Claudio Bravo is a fault (foul). Here, and all around the world, the rules say the goalkeeper in the six-yard box cannot be touched. He goes here and the striker does this.”

He continued: “I have to adapt and I have to understand there are special rules here in England. Now I learn, so now we’re going to play.”

Image Credit: Barrington Coombs / Getty Images


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