Most Craved Does ‘Star Trek Beyond,’ ‘Halloween’ and Memorial Day Movies

It’s been an awesome week for sci-fi and horror fans! Paramount unveiled exciting new footage from Star Trek Beyond at this weekend’s recent fan event, making audiences wonder if they might have been too harsh on the film’s first trailers. And the iconic horror franchise Halloween found a new home with Miramax and Blumhouse, with creator John Carpenter executive producer and possibly even composing the score!

But… should we really be this excited? Is Star Trek Beyond really living up to Gene Roddenberry’s vision of the future? Should the disastrous hit-to-miss ratio of the whole Halloween series make us nervous about anybody continuing this franchise, even Carpenter himself? 

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And it’s Memorial Day weekend! Two of the biggest potential blockbusters of the year are opening side-by-side, but are either Alice Through the Looking Glass or X-Men: Apocalypse really worth your time and money? We’re dishing out our reviews on this week’s episode.

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