Drake And Jared Leto Play A Game Of ‘Never Have I Ever’ On Ellen

Ellen DeGeneres has shown Pulitzer Prize-winning form, getting Hollywood triple-threat Jared Leto and walking meme Drake to admit to some revealing secrets. Both stars were appearing on the comedian’s daytime chat show.

Playing a game of ‘Never Have I Ever’ with paddles with answers “I Have” and “I Have Never” on opposite sides, Ellen probed the pair with a range of personal questions. She begins with “Have you ever made out with a fan?”, which is initially answered by a stumbling Drake -“I-I mean, wha-…what is a fan? Someone like that just enjoys your…alright” – before he surrenders and puts up the “I Have” side of his paddle.

Drake was on Ellen talking about his new album VIEWS, as well as his recent hosting of Saturday Night Live, while Leto had been interviewed earlier in the show about his upcoming appearance in the Suicide Squad movie.

You can check out the Never Have I Ever clip below.