Bartolo Colon Gets ESPN 30 For 30 Trailer, ‘Big Sexy’

16 of the 20 years Bartolo Colon has been in the Major Leagues, he’s been in the AL, which means the pitcher only has a small handful of at-bats over his career, mostly with the New York Mets over the last three seasons.

His career batting average? .092.

In fact, ‘Big Sexy’ has struck out 122 times over that stretch as well, earning a strikeout rate of nearly 50 percent.

And when he strikes out, he really strikes out.

Therefore, when Big Sexy hit his first career home run against San Diego last week at the age of 43, it was a tremendous shock to the sports world. Some fans already inspired to give the hurler his own ‘ESPN 30 For 30.

Here’s the best documentary trailer of the year, titled ESPN 30 For 30: Big Sexy.

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Photo: Getty


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