Dolph Lundgren Does The B-Movies Podcast!

There aren’t many action stars bigger than Dolph Lundgren. Literally. And we’ve got him on The B-Movies Podcast! The 6’5″ star of classic genre films like Rocky IVUniversal SoldierMasters of the Universe and I Come in Peace comes on the show this week to talk about his classic films, and how he transitioned from being a chemical engineer to being one of the most fearsome actors in Hollywood.

Dolph Lundgren also reveals that he has a lot in common with one of the hosts of The B-Movies Podcast, talks about his pursuit of meditation and imagines where the Expendables franchise might be going in the future. And of course we also got Dolph Lundgren talking about his latest role in Kindergarten Cop 2, now available on DVD and VOD.

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