Understanding Body Language Key To Successful Connections

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Bad luck last night? Has every girl you ever made a move on turned you down? Well, get your head out of your hands and understand that there is much more to the flirting and dating game than just showing off and gathering up the courage to engage in conversation. The dating game is played on so many levels, both consciously and subconsciously, and it takes time to understand it, and a good deal of self-awareness to use it in your favor.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not men typically making the first move. Men are usually reacting to a woman’s body language, those complex and subtle signals that invite us to make a move.That’s why being able to interpret a woman’s body language the right way is important. That is also the sole reason why you did not have any chance last night, you didn’t check out the physical cues before you even tried getting close to her.

Thankfully, your luck is about to change, since we’re gonna explain to you how to read a woman’s body language, how to master your intuition and emotional control, how to mesh your body language with hers, and arm yourself with courage.

Flirting Body Language Signals

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Body language speaks louder than words, in both men and women. The only difference is in the number of moves and gestures they have at their disposal. Women have over 50 moves and gestures with which they can show men they’re interested. Men, however, have a maximum of about 10.

When a woman is trying to get your attention, she has her body language in full “discover me” mode. Frequent eye contact is just the beginning. If she’s interested, not only she’ll be checking you out, but she’ll even let you catch her doing it. A simple ‘Hi’ might already be enough, but wait for a minute longer to see what else is there. If she’s playing with her hair, running her fingers across her lips, or walking by you repeatedly, and going out of her way to do so, she’s basically telling you she wants your attention. It’s time to make a move.

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Don’t be overly concerned with your opening words. If she likes you, it really doesn’t matter what you are saying, just as it doesn’t matter what she’s saying back (as long as you’re not overly dry or crass). Put your confident body language to work with a meaningful, light conversation and watch out for her body response but be mindful of yours as well.

Watch her face. If she’s interested, her face will be more animated. A raised eyebrow by itself is an approval gesture. When paired with a smile and a nod, it’s an ‘I’m very interested in you’ statement. Is she chewing on her lips, batting her eyelashes slowly, or looking at your mouth? She’s digging you.

When interested in someone, people slowly lean towards the object of their desire. Not only that, for some reason, they begin to mimic each other. If she holds her drink like you do, makes hand gestures when talking like you do, or even sits like you do, it’s a good sign that what you do is good enough for her. A light touch on your forearm, hand or a wrist that may follow is an additional approval of what you are doing so you can be certain to carry on with it.

Don’t Misinterpret

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Hybrid Images/Getty Images

Exact opposites of what we mentioned above are sure signs she’s not interested. If she stares at you but then turns around and looks away, it’s more likely she’s not interested in you and is probably just liking the attention only. Sharp, precise moves show rejection, unlike soft and gentle turns. When you decide to approach her, don’t come up from behind, as this will put her on guard and cut your chances. Leaning away from you, legs crossed and pointing away from you or crossing her arms are a clear sign she’s not interested. Finally, if she’s tapping the glass and pursing her lips, she’s bored and can’t wait to get away from you.

It is one thing to write down or point out all the body language signs you should be aware of when flirting or dating. It’s a whole different ball game when it comes to applying the knowledge, using it in a real-world situation. Your best bet is to be yourself, be observant, and act accordingly.