Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Guide: How to Level Up Your Weapons Quickly and More

Uncharted 4 has released this week, and while you’ll no doubt be looking to sink your teeth into its story first, there’s still a very fun multiplayer component attached to it that is worthy of your time.

With Naughty Dog having clearly spent more time on the game’s online modes this time around than they have in previous entries, many will likely find themselves plugging multiple hours into its three modes. So with that being said, here’s a guide that will help you get the early advantage online, on your path to becoming the best Nathan Drake there is.


Focus upon one main and one secondary weapon

Uncharted 4‘s multiplayer progression system sees players having to get a bunch of downs with each weapon in order to unlock their more powerful versions. As you’re climbing up the Ranked Team Deathmatch leaderboard, it’s essential that the power of your weapons increases alongside the skill level of your opponents, so while you’ll be looking to diversify your loadout in your first hour or so of playtime in order to decide which setup suits your play style, you’ll eventually want to focus your attention upon one particular loadout and stick to it.

Each weapon, mystic ability, purchasable and booster will be upgraded the more that you use them, unlocking different modifiers such as ammo increases and reload speed boosts. While many will no doubt be looking to get as good with as many different weapons as possible, the progression system rewards those who remain consistent with one specific loadout, so if you’re looking to improve the power of your arsenal this is the way to go.

Following this method will also allow you to unlock Hero weapons faster, which are dramatically improved versions of each available main weapon. These each boast their own incredibly useful perks and rank among the best weapons in the game, and unlocking one of them allows the player to spend Relics – in-game currency obtained by winning matches – upon Hero weapon chests that unlock more of these powerful firearms.


Pick up loot

Uncharted 4 features collectible loot stashes dotted around each multiplayer stage, which you can clearly see marked on the in-game map. Not only does picking up these pieces of loot award you with more money that can then be spent in the in-game store, speeding up the process of you unlocking the likes of your mystic ability and heavy weapons, but they also contribute to your end game score.

While it is obviously more crucial that you focus upon the match in hand rather than wandering off on your own in order to pick up this loot, they can still be very helpful when it comes to improving your rank in each game. Pick them up at every opportunity.

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Strafe and Roll

Those familiar with the Uncharted series will remember that its controls are a little “floatier” than many other third-person games. Though this has fortunately been scaled way down in Uncharted 4 when compared with its predecessors, there’s still a high margin for error when it comes to carefully lining your enemies up in your sights, even if you have aim assist turned all the way up (the game settings already have this option set to maximum). While strafing is important in most shooting games, in Uncharted 4 it is essential, because by varying the direction of your movement during a firefight you’ll more often than not throw an enemy – especially if they’re inexperienced, which a lot of players currently are – off their game.

Dodge-rolling is also an incredibly important tool, but you should do so with caution. When under enemy fire, dodge-rolling in a panic will likely lead to you sticking to nearby cover, which will leave you awkwardly glued to a position for a couple of seconds. This can be a crucial mistake during the heat of a battle, and can be the difference between you surviving or being downed, so make sure that as you’re dodge-rolling away your camera isn’t pointed in the direction of the enemy who’s shooting at you, but rather in the direction you’re trying to get to. 


Keep an eye on your sidekicks

Sidekicks are very useful in Uncharted 4, with you able to bring them onto the battlefield via the in-game store in order to provide your team with an extra advantage. But while it’s easy to simply dump them on the battlefield and let them handle encounters by themselves, they can prove to be even more beneficial if you keep tabs of them throughout the match. Sidekicks of a habit of spotting enemies before you do, and will burst into firefights on a whim. Paying attention to when they have encountered enemies will allow you to get the drop on them while they’re dealing with your helpful assistant, and can be a decisive factor in helping your team get the upper hand in various confrontations.

If allowing your sidekick to take the lead sounds like your idea of fun, then it’s advisable that you work towards unlocking the Hunter. The Hunter, as his name suggests, seeks out enemies and charges directly towards them, grabbing them if he’s allowed to get near them. Not only does this routinely see enemies being scouted out of their cover, but it also provides you with an easy kill if he manages to successfully disarm them.


Fill up your loadout

As previously mentioned, in order to unlock new weapons and modifiers you’re going to want to spend a lot of time using specific firearms and abilities, because the only way to achieve these unlocks/upgrades is by downing a set number of enemies with them. However, if you’re less concerned about equipping yourself with some of Uncharted 4‘s more powerful weaponry/abilities in the earlier stages of the game, you can increase your chances of unlocking the game’s more efficient weaponry by opting for an inexpensive custom loadout.

With a custom loadout you’ll be given a set number of points to deck out your character, though opting for the more expensive weapons/abilities inevitably means that you’ll carry less with you into the game. The amount of loadout points you have at your disposal when starting up the game is 19, but that’s still enough to max out your loadout if you choose some of the game’s more inexpensive items. If you select this loadout during a match and make sure you use all of the weapons and abilities at your disposal with frequency, then you’ll level up your inventory in no time.


Use your one-hit kill melee

Uncharted 4‘s newly introduced one-hit-kill melee attack is an incredibly powerful inclusion in the series, allowing players to off enemies with one hit without even having to down them first.

The attack, which sees your character rattle the enemy player with a grappling hook across the skull, needs to be charged first by holding down L1 and Square. With it only taking a few moments to do so, you can then charge towards an enemy and whack them with the hook, KOing them instantly and securing yourself an easy kill. When finding yourself in a losing situation in which you’re surrounded by enemies, make sure to whip this move out in order to take down one an opponent before you die, ensuring that your team gets a point, too.