This Woman Nearly Had a Heart Attack Playing a VR Horror Game

We’ve seen many videos of scared people playing virtual reality horror games, but none have been quite as terrified as this particular woman.

Renate, one-half of the YouTube channel Karl&RenateVR, played a round of HTC Vive shooter The Brookhaven Experiment, which tasks players with shooting down hordes of monstrous enemies as they lurch closer to you from every angle. Widely touted as one of the Vive’s scariest horror games thus far, it seems that Renate would agree with this opinion, given that she spends the entirety of her first time playing the game screaming and shaking uncontrollably. 

It truly is a sight to behold. Watch the video below:

While Renate fortunately stopped playing the game before she suffered from a medical emergency, this is more proof that even the most simple of concepts can have an alarming effect when played in virtual reality. 


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