‘The Walking Dead’ Gets a Special Digital Comic

Have you ever read The Walking Dead comic book and wondered what was happening in the rest of the world during the zombie apocalypse? Now, you’ll get your chance to see what’s happening in Europe in The Walking Dead: The Alien, a new digital comic-one shot by Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin.

Robert Kirkman’s Skybound made the announcement at Nerdist, where Vaughn explained that the entire project started off as a joke! “Robert Kirkman had forever been harassing us, and said, ‘Look, I love digital comics. This is great. But there’s whole audience out there that doesn’t read stuff on screen, that loves print comics. Won’t you please come do The Private Eye in print at Image?’ About the hundredth time he asked us, we jokingly responded, ‘Image can have The Private Eye if we’re allowed to have The Walking Dead.’”

To their shock, Kirkman agreed to their terms. And now The Walking Dead: The Alien is available for download at their site, Panel Syndicate. And that website is currently the only place to read the newest Walking Dead adventure.

Image Comics and Skybound has also released a video of Vaughn and Kirkman talking about their shared history at Marvel and other background information about The Walking Dead: The Alien, with a few teases of Martin’s artwork in there as well.

Are you excited to read  The Walking Dead: The Alien? What other comic book creators would you like to see tell a story in The Walking Dead’s universe? Let us know in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: Skybound/Panel Syndicate