Kobe’s Farewell: Flea Played the National Anthem on Bass & Everybody Hated It

Kobe Bryant has retired from the NBA at the age of 37, after twenty years making his mark as the biggest asshole to ever set foot on the court in a professional game. To commemorate his last showing with the LA Lakers, Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea was asked to perform a bass solo of the National Anthem. 

Flea is a maniac Lakers fan and longtime attendee of Lakers games, and undoubtedly felt hugely honored to take part. Unfortunately, many witnessing the performance responded well to the effects-heavy, fret-noodling indulgence Flea threw down. 

Watch below and see if you can hear him over the sounds of… what’s that? Yeah, that’s Francis Scott Key clawing at the lid of his casket. No big deal. But by our measure, this was one funked-up performance with flavor for days – it’s awesome.

A few even pointed out the apparent disrespect of keeping his hat on during the perceived fret fiasco.

Flea, for his part, was damn proud of the performance.

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