Exclusive Preview | Heavy Metal’s ‘The Atoll’ # 1

Heavy Metal is debuting two new comic book titles this August, and today, CraveOnline is going to present previews from both of them!

First up is The Atoll, a five issue miniseries by Tim Daniel, artist Ricardo Drumond, colorist Joana LaFuente, with Adam Wollet as the letterer. For this book, picture the ultimate prize match between humans and a great white shark…and the “lucky” contestants are armed only with a knife as they fight for their survival against all odds. 

It probably doesn’t help when the victims are covered with blood before getting dumped in the ocean with the ultimate predator. And it’s definitely not safe to get back in the water in this book…as you can see below!

Here’s the description of The Atoll # 1 from Heavy Metal:

“When the burlap sack is ripped from her head, decorated Olympic athlete Story Helms finds herself seated on a steel platform overlooking an arena somewhere far off the North-Western coast of Australia. Welcome to The Atoll, where abductees are pitted in combat against the world’s deadliest apex predator, Majesty, a twenty-one foot Great White shark. Story is next in the ring—how long will she last? Place your bets.”

The Atoll # 1 will launch in August, and the miniseries will run five issues. Check back later today for the reveal of the second new title from Heavy Metal!

What did you think about this preview of The Atoll? Let us know in the comment section below!

Photo Credits: All images provided by Heavy Metal


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