Exclusive Preview | Heavy Metal’s ‘ReincarNATE’ # 1

As mentioned earlier today, Heavy Metal is debuting two new comics in August. We’ve already shared an exclusive preview of The Atoll # 1, and now it’s time to preview ReincarNATE

Writer Michael Moreci previously self-published ReincarNATE and he even got the series optioned for television last year. But now, Reincarnate is coming back with a new ongoing series at Heavy Metal. The first four issues will reprint ReincarNATE’s previous series before issue 5 begins an all-new storyline. 

As you’ll see in CraveOnline’s exclusive preview from ReincarNATE # 1, the lead character Nate McCoy has the ability to communicate with all of his past lives. 


Here’s Heavy Metal’s description of ReincarNATE # 1:

“Nate McCoy isn’t your ordinary private detective–sure, he’s a bit of a slacker who doesn’t follow orders and loves to rattle the status quo’s cages, but that’s not what really sets him apart. After rattling the wrong cage, Nate took a bullet to his head that, somehow, didn’t kill him. Instead, it gave him an unusual ability: He can see and interact with past versions of himself. The people he reincarnated from.

With the help of Jameson (a Wild West lawman) and Alan (a Mad Men-era hitman), Nate sets his sights on taking down his city’s crime kingpin and find out who he has to “thank” for the bullet that gave him this strange, and helpful, new power.”

ReincarNATE 1 Cover

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Photo Credits: All images provided by Heavy Metal