Gears of War 4’s Release Date Has Been Confirmed

Gears of War 4 finally has an official release date, with the shooter set to launch worldwide on Xbox One on October 11th, 2016. 

The game’s developer The Coalition, who took over from the series’ creator Epic Games, also debuted the game’s brand new box art in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, which can be viewed in full below:


Rod Fergusson, the studio head of The Coalition and executive producer of the first three Gears of War games at Epic, revealed how the story would different from the last entry in the mainline series, revealing that rather than focusing upon the bigger picture of an all-out genocidal war, it would instead specifically focus upon three heroes over the course of one night. Fergusson stated that the game would be more in line with the first GoW game thematically, saying: “[In] Gears 1, there was still a lot more discovery and still being scared and trying to understand this threat that you had never seen before.

“That’s what we’re really trying to do with 4. We’re trying to go back to that feeling, so we’re taking the story down from — if you look at Gears 3 as this sort of planetary genocide or trying to save the human race from extinction — we wanted to get back to the story of three people and one night, and how can these three people survive this one night. Getting that intimacy back with story, and the intimacy back in terms of tone and to allow you to be afraid again.”