Watch a New Teaser Preview for Cinemax’s ‘Outcast’

This June, Cinemax is bringing Robert Kirkman’s Outcast to television, and it’s already looking like our most anticipated horror series of the year!

Kirkman is best known for co-creating The Walking Dead, but there are no zombies in Outcast! Instead, the focus is on demonic possession, the type that would make Linda Blair’s head spin around…again. Almost Famous star Patrick Fugit is headlining Outcast as Kyle Barnes, a man who has been haunted by demonic possessions for his entire life. To finally free himself of this horror, Kyle will begin a dangerous search for answers…and what he finds may alter the fate of the entire world.

Cinemax has released a new teaser trailer for Outcast which is very light on story details, but heavy on startling imagery!

Former Life on Mars star Philip Glenister is also one of the leads on Outcast as Reverend Anderson, a man who loves his alcohol and his gambling addictions almost as much as he loves laying the smackdown on demons. And Reverend Anderson may be the key to Kyle’s journey.

Outcast season 1 will debut on Friday, June 3. The first season will be 10 episodes long, with a second season to follow in 2017.

Photo Credit: Cinemax