The B-Movies Podcast #265 | 10 Cloverfield Lame…?

Crimson and Cloverfield, over and overfield, that’s what awaits you on this week’s episode of The B-Movies Podcast! Join us for an exciting group of reviews, including The Brothers GrimsbyThe Young MessiahMe Him HerLoloEye in the Sky and Hello My Name is Doris, and not one but TWO reviews of 10 Cloverfield Lane: one without spoilers and one jam-packed with spoilers at the end of the episode, so you don’t accidentally get the movie ruined for you. Oh, and Tony Delgado reviews frickin’ Jem and the Holograms too, so you’re welcome for that. 

Plus: is Spider-Man’s new costume awesome or stupid? Will Daisy Ridley be the new Tomb Raider, and is that even a good idea? J.K. Simmons is our new Commissioner Gordon, but why has everyone forgotten that he’s been in the DC Universe before? And hey, do we really want a new animated Ghostbusters movie? How do you make a Where’s Waldo motion picture work? Chewbacca will be in the Han Solo solo movie, and wait, why do we love Chewbacca so much in the first place? And Zendaya will co-star in Spider-Man as Michelle, so… who is Zendaya, who is Michelle, and does this mean we’re officially old now?

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