The B-Movies Podcast | The Secrets of ‘Gravity Falls’ with Alex Hirsch

Warning: The following podcast contains some NSFW language and spoilers for the TV series Gravity Falls, all of the Air Bud movies and The Last Unicorn.

It’s one of the best shows on TV, and it’s come to one of the best podcasts on the internet (in our opinion, anyway). Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch on The B-Movies Podcast to tell us all about the secrets and mysteries of his hit TV series, including the episode he can’t get approved, the celebrity cameo we will forever be denied, why we may never get a full season Gravity Falls DVD or Blu-ray release, the ice bag, Gompers, Slender Man and more.

It’s a hilarious episode full of news and revelations about Gravity Falls and impersonations of The Last Unicorn. Give it a listen and you will NOT be disappointed.

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We leave you with this, a little taste of Weirdmageddon, and a table of contents for this epic episode.

Table of Contents

  • What’s Up With Weirdmageddon? – 3:19
  • How Gravity Falls Gets Written – 4:53
  • How Will Gravity Falls End? – 7:00
  • Will All The Mysteries Be Explained Someday? – 10:50
  • The Mystery of Dipper and Mabel’s Parents – 12:24
  • Writing Pilot Episodes (and Mabel’s Grappling Hook) – 13:20
  • The Original Problem with Soos – 16:43
  • Why Dipper and Mabel Love Each Other – 18:39
  • The Influences of Gravity Falls (and Swear Words) – 20:49
  • Pushing the Envelope on Disney XD – 22:48
  • The Gravity Falls Episode Alex Hirsch Isn’t Allowed to Make – 25:57
  • Political Satire on Gravity Falls (and Ronald Reagan) – 26:45
  • The Preacher’s Anti-Gravity Falls Sermon (and Real Life Conspiracies) – 27:36
  • Celebrity Gravity Falls Fans (and Anecdotes) – 30:17
  • Are ‘Gravity Falls’ and ‘Rick and Morty’ in the Same Universe? – 34:58
  • The Origin of Summerween – 35:40
  • Back to the Future Day and Star Wars Fans – 37:42
  • Jem and the Holograms and Mabel’s Style – 40:58
  • Every Single One of the Air Bud Movies – 43:33
  • Is Wendy the Ice Bag on the Bill Cipher Wheel? (and the Mysteries of Lost) – 48:02
  • What “618” Really Means in Gravity Falls – 49:56
  • The Secret History of Stan and Ford – 50:49
  • The Mystery of Gompers and Slender Man – 52:32
  • Alex Hirsch’s Epic The Last Unicorn Impression – 56:23
  • Why We’ll Never Get Gravity Falls on DVD or Blu-ray – 60:35
  • Journal #3 Will Be A Real Book (Possibly With Blacklight Text) – 62:16
  • M. Night Shyamalan’s Lost Gravity Falls Cameo – 66:10
Photo Credit: Greg De Stefano

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