Manchester City Fans Chant “Villa Sign Him Up” at a Pigeon

Manchester City fans taunted Aston Villa in spectacular fashion during the two clubs’ match on Saturday, chanting “Villa, sign him up!” at a pitch-invading pigeon.

The chants were made during City’s 4-0 trouncing of Villa, who continue their miserable battle to avoid relegation at the very bottom of the Premier League table. After the City fans greeted the pigeon with a chorus of “there’s only one greedy pigeon” and “you fat pigeon”, they then turned their attention to their opponents, mocking the quality of their squad by suggesting that the bird should don the claret and blue.

The pigeon was nonplussed by these events, continuing to indulge in his mid-game feast unaware that he was being hailed as the Midlands club’s next transfer target.

Watch the video below:

Image Credit: Friedemann Vogel / Getty Images