Marvel Comics’ Loki Is Running For President

America, aren’t you tired of electing the lesser evil?

Today is Super Tuesday on the primary campaign trail, and voters are being forced to choose between a con man, the consummate insider, a socialist, a blowhard, and a very thirsty robot. Is this truly what our founding fathers had in mind for the Presidential process? To invoke the words of the Mighty Thor, “I say thee nay!”

Fortunately, Marvel Comics has a solution: the God of Lies himself, Loki of Asgard! In the proud tradition of Howard the Duck, Marvel is launching a Vote Loki miniseries in June as Thor’s adopted brother enters the venomous world of American politics.

Vote Loki Cover

I assume that we’re just going to overlook the fact that Loki isn’t an American, or even technically an Asgardian. If you remember your Marvel mythology, Loki’s parents were Frost Giants. So, he’s the ultimate anchor baby!

All joking aside, this is Marvel’s way of cashing in on the Presidential race, and it will likely be played for laughs as opposed to a straightforward supervillain story. Marvel hasn’t revealed who the creative team of Vote Loki will be, but if the first cover is any indication, his sister Angela will be stepping down from her throne in Hel to serve as Loki’s bodyguard. As for Captain America (Sam Wilson), he looks decidedly unhappy to be standing behind the Norse God of mischief.

More details about the new Vote Loki series should be announced later this month, possibly before WonderCon.  

Would you vote for Loki in the actual election? Cast your ballet in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: Marvel Comics