A Case For Steph Curry Having The Best NBA Season Of All-Time

I’ve been fighting for LeBron James all season. The four-time MVP has been in the last five NBA Finals, so it’s nearly impossible to imagine anyone dethroning “The King” as the best basketball player on the planet. But what Steph Curry is doing right now — it’s not only ridiculously great, it’s transcendent. 

In what will go down as one of the NBA’s all-time greatest regular season games, Curry drilled 12 three-pointers, tying an NBA single-game record, in a 121-118 overtime win against the Thunder this past weekend. OH, and one of those was a game-winner from 32 feet.

AND, that’s not all …

The record-tying 12 three-pointers gave Curry 288 for the season, breaking his record of 286 from last year. Meaning, Curry still has 24 games left to set a new NBA three-point record so ridiculous it’s making video game developers’ head’s spin.

The Warriors guard is on pace to nail 400 three-pointers this year, about a 40 percent increase over his old record, which, according to FiveThirtyEight, would be like him hitting 103 home runs in one baseball season. Yup, insane.

So, after all that being said, could Curry’s season be considered the greatest of all-time? Better than any season of Wilt, Russell, Magic, Bird or MJ? There’s a case for it — and it’s a good one. 

How Good is Steph Curry?

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Posted by HYPECRIB on Wednesday, December 23, 2015

It’s time to finally give Curry the credit he deserves — he’s not just the most fun player to watch right now, he’s the best. 

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