The X-Files Creator Says The Series Will Return To Fox

Despite a partial backlash from critics, Fox’s six-episode revival of The X-Files had strong ratings throughout its brief return to television. And according to Chris Carter, The X-Files will return to resolve the cliffhanger from last night’s finale.

“I don’t know how or when — Fox owns the show. But because the ratings were what they were, I think the show will come back one way or the other,” Carter said to The New York Times. “It’s complicated. It’s a matter of when the actors would be able to do it when they’re available at the same time. We’d also need a schedule that would give us enough lead time to make it interesting. Nothing’s been written yet. I’ve written down a lot of ideas but there’s nothing even close to a script.”

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The monster-of-the-week episodes by James Wong, Glen, and Darin Morgan were well-received by fans and critics alike. However, the Carter-penned episodes have earned scathing reviews, a fact which has not gone unnoticed by Carter himself.

“I do pay attention [to reviews],” said Carter. “I pay careful attention,” He added that “there are some critical responses I’d like some critics to take a mulligan on.”

That suggests that Carter thinks the shortcomings of The X-Files miniseries were on the perceptions of the critics rather than his shoulders. That doesn’t exactly bode well for a creative course correction from a new mythology that doesn’t make a lot of sense or feel like a natural continuation of the arc laid out in the first nine seasons of The X-Files.

But what do you think, X-Files fans? Were you satisfied with the creative choices in this revival? Or do you wish that Carter would go into hibernation for the next 10,000 years? Let us know in the comment section below!

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