DayZ “Social Experiment” Highlights How Basically All DayZ Players are Assholes

DayZ is an unforgiving game. You’ll spend hours wandering around its outskirts with not so much as a bullet to your name, until finally you stumble upon some actual human life and, without hesitation, they’ll shoot you dead. If it’s a representation of what would happen in a real zombie apocalypse, the lesson to be learned is that it would be beneficial to just stay inside your own home, because the only thing waiting outside for you will be death and suffering. 

YouTuber Cyborg Lizard highlights this in a new “social experiment” video, in which he offers a loaded gun to random players he meets in the game. However, unbeknownst to them the gun is jammed, meaning that if they try to shoot it, nothing will happen aside from the sound of the click of the trigger, notifying Cyborg Lizard that they have attempted to use it. The experiment aims to see how many would try to take him out with the gun he’d given them, and the end results are both hilarious and a little depressing:

Cyborg Justice noted how these were only a portion of the encounters he had and “therefore do not represent the general population” of the game, but those who have played DayZ know better. This is everyone who plays the game.


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