New Qantas In-Flight Safety Video Is Also A Beautiful Look At The Australian Landscape

Qantas have just released a new in-flight safety film that attempts to resolve the problem of people tuning out by catching their attention with some stunning earth porn of the majestic Australian landscape.

Made in collaboration with Tourism Australia, the video features 17 amazing locations around the country. It’s not all eye candy though, each location being picked as an abstract illustration of the various safety procedures, without actually showing the interior of an aircraft and only one member of the flight crew.

As you can imagine this does produce some pretty out there examples, my personal favorite being the Cradle Mountain salmon and/or trout smokehouse for the good old no ciggies on the aircraft spiel. Also one does question why the woman at the end would jump into the water with all her clothes on, that is until she reappears clad in a wet t-shirt and it’s all pretty clear.

To be honest I feel that was not only a little sexist on their behalf but also dangerous as I can’t remember a word she said.

Anyway why read my garbled recollections of it when you can watch the video for yourselves here below.

Qantas Safety Video