Canadian Junior Hockey Fight Turns Into Ref-Punching Brawl

Canada is full of beauty, charm and small-town hospitality. Well, until you hit the ice. 

Take it one step further, and there’s a big price to pay if you hit someone’s kid on that ice.

Below is video from a recent Junior hockey (ages 16-21) game up north.

In short, multiple fights break out. Refs finally get most of it under control after letting the kids beat each other’s heads in for a few seconds. One ref gets hold of one of the fighters. Kid probably calls him his favorite four-letter word. Ref decides he doesn’t like that kid, punches him in the face. Team trainer (likely dad) runs out and decks ref.

It’s bananas!

According to the description it was at a ‘London Lakers’ game, London being a small town in Ontario between Detroit and Toronto.

Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports.