Can You Name This Sport?!

Reddit can be a glorious thing.

Scour any page at any time and you can find the most random, enlightening, eye-popping madness from the most oblivious corner of the web.

Today, continuing to trend on the ‘front page of the internet,’ is the video below titled, ‘ The greatest sport in the world.’ And if you can identify it without doing a search, you belong in the world-wide sports genius hall of fame.

Now, are you ready for what the hell this madness is? It’s a real thing. With real championships.

It’s called ‘sepak takraw’ (good luck with pronunciation).

The sport also goes by ‘sepak raga’ or ‘takraw,’ but essentially it’s volleyball, but only allows players to use their feet, knees, chest and head to touch the ball. And it’s supposedly popular in Southeast Asia, particularly Malaysia and Thailand. 

Think it’s something new? Think again.

Supposedly, organized sepak takraw has been on-going for decades and the earliest form was played in the 1400s. 

I guess there’s a new definition of ‘football’ in the east. 

Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports.