Read The First 4 Pages of The Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation Tie-In Comic

This week, Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation hit DVD and Blu-ray. But there’s a surprise in store for Mission: Impossible fans: a new comic book story by director Christopher McQuarrie and artist Owen Freeman (Lazarus). Dylan Kussman wrote the script for the comic, and Jodi Wynne was the letterer. 

Wired debuted the Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation tie-in comic, which takes place during the six month gap when Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) was on the run from the government and the enigmatic Syndicate. If you’re a M:I fan, then you’ve probably noticed that Hunt goes rogue a lot, even when the Impossible Missions Force hasn’t been disbanded! That’s probably why he has so many safe houses all over the world.

In the film, Hunt easily eluded the CIA, but the comic reveals that the Syndicate seemingly knew where Hunt was all along. And more alarmingly, the Syndicate used that knowledge to frame Hunt for political assassinations that he was helpless to stop!

You can read the entire Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation comic on Wired’s website. The Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation DVD and Blu-ray is available in stores everywhere.

What did you think of the Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation comic? Declassify your opinions below!

Photo Credits: Wired/Paramount

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