The TCL Roku TV 3850 Series is a premier holiday gift


While shoppers continue their frantic search for the perfect holiday gift and stress about finding something of value within their budget, the voice of seasonal comfort is here.

The ideal gift under your tree should be the TCL Roku TV 3850 Series. It is hands down the best Smart TV and most affordable. You’ll get the most bang for your buck and that’s why it’s a top-seller this holiday season. Most people shy away from the “nice toys” because of the exuberant cost but that is not the case here.

Great price

The TCL 40FS3850 40-Inch 1080p Roku Smart LED TV model is going for only $359 on Amazon right now. Walmart is offering it at the absurdly low price of $263 in their locations. With deals like that, you can see why TCL is already one of the most upcoming TV brands in North America.

Nice aesthetics 

The model offers a sleek, attractive modern design that includes a metallic finish and quad pedestal stand, and performance and content TCL Roku TV viewers will certainly come to love. As soon as you turn on the screen, you’re greeted with a level of brightness and picture quality that will leave you in awe.

The 3850 series features full High-Definition (1080p) resolution for exceptional picture clarity that is second to none and offers an advanced 120Hz refresh rate on all models. I have already put this to good use watching some visually amazing action films and sports. Hockey and football are superb viewing for you sports fanatics.

Ideal “smart” tech

The Roku Smart TV’s premium content of 250,000 streaming movies and television episodes and its built in dual-band Wi-Fi and ability to quickly upload my pictures and videos that I endlessly take of my kids, further showcases the incredible abilities this product displays.

With Roku, you can personalize your home screen so you’ll be able to quickly access your preferred content just as if you were on your iPhone or tablet. Speaking of which, although the TV includes a slim compact Roku remote with four branded app shortcuts easily displayed on the device, you can control your TV by using your tablet or smartphone. That comes in handy when using the search function while you browse through 1,500 plus channels. The search of a title or actor is a one-stop process while trying to discover what you’re looking for among the streaming networks.

The selection of Roku Apps is among the best I’ve seen offered and delivers nearly 2,000 options, which includes the likes of Amazon Instant, YouTube, HBO Go, Showtime, Vudu, M-Go, Hulu Plus, RedBox Instant, WWE Network, Watch ESPN and many more that viewers will enjoy.


The TCL brand is continuing to explode while garnering rightful recognition. Walmart named the award-winning TCL Roku TV 3750 series from as the “best deal.” They were also named as a CES 2015 Innovation Award nominee for their TCL 110-inch curved ultra HD TV, which is a pure spectacle.


All in all, I highly recommend the TCL Roku TV 3850 series model. It’s easy to setup even if you’re not tech savvy. Plus, the system makes it easy to connect a cable box or gaming console.

With my busy schedule, I don’t want to deal with any complicated devices and this model was a piece of cake. It really delivered on everything I could want and I’m sure most people would want. It is not every day that you can get a quality Smart TV that doesn’t break the bank.

TCL is one of the fastest growing consumer electronics and TV brands in North America. Founded in 1981, TCL (The Creative Life) established itself as a worldwide leader before recently launching in the US. TCL prides itself on offering customers high quality products with stylish design and the latest technology at a great value. TCL’s manufacturing expertise, vertically integrated supply chain, and state-of-the-art China Star panel factory, allows them to make large size TVs, premium design, and leading edge technology affordable for the US consumer. 

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