The B-Movies Podcast | How Hallmark Christmas Movies Get Made

Every year, dozens of movies come out at Christmastime that nobody talks about. People watch them, people love them, but they rarely get reviewed and don’t have many tie-in interviews with the cast and crew. These are the Hallmark Christmas movies, and they are lighthearted fantasies that promote romance and family values and, not for nothing, keep a lot of hardworking entertainers and filmmakers employed all year ’round.

We’ve been dedicating a segment every week to these Hallmark Christmas movies on The B-Movies Podcast this year, and now we are ecstatic to present to you an exclusive interview with filmmaker Jim Fall, whose film A Holiday Engagement (now available on Netflix) is a perennial favorite on The Hallmark Channel. In this candid, extended interview he explains how this strange corner of Hollywood works, how to put together a hit screenplay for Hallmark Christmas movies, and behind the scenes story of wonder and woe.

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