The 15 Most Forgettable Films of 2015

What was that one movie that had that guy in it? You know, the one with the thing? You remember that guy… he was in that big hit last summer, the one with all the explosions?

We’ve all had a conversation like that, more or less. There are so many movies out there in the world that keeping every single one of them straight is a fool’s errand (unless that’s your job, of course). The sad fact of the matter is that most movies – and most books, most songs, most paintings, etc. – are destined to be forgotten someday, but it’s particularly sad when you have trouble recollecting a single thing about them just a few months after they came out.

And yet that happens every single year. Over 600 movies were released over the course of 2015, and that’s just theatrically. Add in all the TV movies, straight to video sequels (and don’t even get us started on the porn) and you’re guaranteed to let at least a few of these films slip away from you. The problem only gets compounded when you’re a film critic and you’ve seen literally hundreds of them since January 1st, 2015. 

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And yet (once again) it’s my job to critique films for you, and to think long and hard about all the things that most people don’t pay attention to the in the first place. So if I forget about a movie just a little while after it was released, that’s almost worse than saying it’s a bad movie. That’s saying it might as well not have existed in the first place, for all the impact it eventually had.

These are not the “worst” movies of the year. (That list is coming later.) Some of these films were made competently, albeit unremarkably. I even liked several of them at the time they came out, and wouldn’t say anything too harsh about them today. But that may be because they just weren’t interesting enough to remember in detail. 

Here are Crave’s official picks for The 15 Most Forgettable Films of 2015, along with the one thing about them that – if we really push our memory drives to the limit – stands out more than the rest. Come back throughout the rest of December for more retrospectives about the year that was, with the best, the worst, and the weirdest films of 2015!

The 15 Most Forgettable Films of 2015

Top Photo: Universal Pictures

William Bibbiani (everyone calls him ‘Bibbs’) is Crave’s film content editor and critic. You can hear him every week on The B-Movies Podcast and watch him on the weekly YouTube series Most Craved and What the Flick. Follow his rantings on Twitter at @WilliamBibbiani.


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