Beastie Boys Musical ‘Licensed to Ill’ is Coming to the UK

A Beastie Boys musical is set to make its way to Camden, London.

Camden People’s Theatre’s Licensed To Ill is described as “a new style of theatre that mixes rapping, DJing, physical comedy and even puppetry to create the eclectic, hilarious style that a show about the Beasties deserves.” Comedy duos The Rubberbandits and Abandoman are lending informal support as friends of the theatre company producing the show.

The musical is set to follow the Beastie Boys’ rise to prominence in the hip-hop world, along with highlighting the “total globalisation” of the genre in the process. It will depict the Beastie Boys’ embarking upon their career as teenagers, through to their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The play will be presented by Simon Maeder and Adam El Hagar, who head up the companies Superbolt Theare and d’Animate respectively, but who decided to work together on Licensed To Ill as they “wanted to join forces on something personal to them that they loved and that others would love too.”

The musical will run from November 23rd to December 12th, and you can purchase tickets right here.

Image Credit:  L. Busacca / Getty Images