Highlights | Festival Supreme 2015: Good Times, No Baggage

Now in its third year, Festival Supreme – the freewheelin’ comedy and music festival created/curated by Tencaious D (Jack Black and Kyle Glass) – may not include the caliber of musical headliners other more established festivals display, but it’s in no way any less entertaining.

 This year, the event, held at The Shrine, included two outdoor stages for musical performances and the beautiful auditorium used to serve up the comedy. Featuring performances by the likes of comedians Amy Poehler and Dan Harmon, pseudo-satirical rockers Die Antwoord and The Darkness, and high-energy favorites like Andrew W.K. and Big Freedia, Festival Supreme gave its attendants (and performers) free license to basically just act a fool. On top of that, the booze flowed freely from ample, uncluttered bars, and the food trucks were varied and infinitely tasty – the perfect recipe for loads of unfettered fun.

All photos by Manuel Donayre.



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