Riot Fest | Tenacious D: Jack Black’s Antics are Superstar Quality

Jack Black and Kyle Glass entertained audiences to the fullest with their band Tenacious D. Not bothering with lingering around backstage, the guys were dropped off by a mini van and went straight in for their set. Jack Black kept the crowd pleased with favorite tunes from Tenacious D’s three studio albums, but maybe moreso with his absurd stage antics. What we do know is that Black’s stage hands may be the best in the business. Not even having to say anything, Black would remove his guitar and stand with his hands straight up, much like a toddler. Help would appear to remove said shirt from Black, and replace with a fresh one. Like a cat who insisted that thing be flung off the counter just to get some attention, Black would deliberately knock over his mic stand then wait for someone to come pick it up. 

The result was an incredibly entertaining show by someone who, from afar, we’d bet may be the most likable guy in Hollywood. 

All Photos: Derek Georgevich