New York Comic Con 2015 | Tom King & Tim Seeley Declassify Grayson

Outside of Batman himself, no one is more important to the Bat-mythos than Dick Grayson.

As created by Bob Kane, Bill Finger and illustrator Jerry Robinson 1940, Grayson was a teenager who witnessed the murder of his parents during their acrobatic performance under the big top. Dick Grayson shared the athletic skills of his parents, and Batman recruited him to become his new partner, Robin!

Robin proved to be an important audience surrogate character for Batman, and he has been a part of the franchise for 75 years. But Grayson continued to evolve as a solo hero when he became Nightwing. And in the New 52 DC Universe, Grayson’s identity as Nightwing was exposed to the world and he was seemingly murdered.

But even a faked death is rarely the end in comics, and Dick Grayson lives on in Grayson, a monthly comic written by Tom King and Tim Seeley. King and Seeley have redefined Dick Grayson as a secret agent who joined the enigmatic spy agency known as Spyral at the request of Batman himself.

During New York Comic Con, CraveOnline spoke with King and Seeley about how long they expected Grayson to remain a secret agent and how they managed to evoke Edward Snowden in a recent storyline. King also touched upon his real life history as a CIA operation, and shared his thoughts on how that background informed his story.

Seeley and King also spoke about Dick Grayson’s return to Gotham City and his reunion with Bruce Wayne, Barbara Gordon, Alfred, Damian Wayne, and Tim Drake. The duo also teased Grayson’s expanding role in the DCU before King spoke the upcoming Robin War crossover and he defines the current crowdsourcing of Robin as depicted in the We Are…Robin comic!

Finally, King and Seeley reveal which characters they want to bring into Grayson’s new life as a reluctant agent of Spyral.

What’s your favorite Dick Grayson storyline? Share your picks below!


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