Feature | Thomas Jack: TomorrowWorld Packing Guide

TomorrowWorld is poppin’ off in Atlanta as we speak, but there’s still time to buy your tix, prioritize which performances to catch, and hit the road (or catch a plane). Before you do, though, you’ll need to properly prepare, and who better to provide some legit festival advice than one of our favorites, Thomas Jack! The Australian Tropical House king is a purveyor of cool, a discoverer of real talent (Kygo, anyone?), and just happens to be curating his own Sunday stage for the festivities (see below for line-up). So take heed of his must-haves and pack your bags! 


1. Linen Hawaiian Shirts

Light, thin shirts help you fight the heat at many festivals. A good shirt that breathes can mean the world. 

2. Holographic Meggings

These are real fun and comfortable. Men’s leggings aren’t something that most men would wear out and about normally. At festivals everyone has the chance to be creative with their clothing choices and wear something fun and out of the ordinary. 

3. The Last Conspiracy Boots

These are my favorite boots of all time. They may not be the best for festivals but, I love to stay stylish, and these boots are it for me. 

4. Pirate Jacket

Just like the Holographic Meggings, a pirate jacket is another fun piece of clothing that I use to dress up and have fun. 

5. Mophie Power Case

Everyone is always running out of battery at festivals due to all the pictures, video, social usage of your phones flashlight. Its great being able to have a full battery and record all of the great memories from the festival. 

6. GoPro

This is a another great way to record all of the amazing memories and experiences from the festival. It’s great to have and watch, as well as to shoot great content overall. 

7. Mamamango Moscato 

This is some of the best, most affordable champagne that I have ever had. I bring it to my shows now. Its a great drink for those sunrise sets and special moments all around the festival grounds. 

8. Walkie Talkies

Its often quite hard to stay in touch with your festival crew and meet up with all your friends at most festivals. There are too many people and usually whatever cell signal is available has been all used up. Walkie Talkies are a great way to stay in touch with friends at a festival and make sure your crew stays together.

9. CamelBak

Between the heat, drinks, and dancing, its usually best to stay as hydrated as you humanly can. Staying hydrated helps you feel your best while having a great time. 

10. Earplugs

The sound at festivals can often get quite loud. Earplugs help you enjoy the best sound possible, while taking good care of your eardrums.




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