Most Craved | Blade, Prometheus and Man of Steel Sequels!

Sequels! Sequels! Sequels! Do you love sequels? We sure hope so, because you’re going to get them. Forever and ever. 

But which films are getting sequels, and which films actually deserve sequels. That’s one of the most important questions of the week on Most Craved, where your hosts William Bibbiani (Crave), Silas Lesnick (Coming Soon) and Jenna Busch (Legion of Leia) are running down the latest news stories about the future of Man of SteelPrometheus and Blade at the multiplex, and finding time to defend some long-hated superhero sequels while they’re at it.

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Zack Snyder is claiming that Batman v Superman is essentially Man of Steel 2, but doesn’t Superman deserve a sequel all his own? Doesn’t shoving more superheroes into the Superman movies seem like a vote of “no confidence” in our most iconic and influential hero? Or is Warner Bros. going after a more complicated and integrated approach to their superheroes movies than Marvel is?

Ridley Scott also claimed that there are multiple Prometheus sequels in the works. Um… did anybody ASK for multiple Prometheus sequels? Is there any reason to be excited about this besides the promise of Ridley Scott taking charge of a whole series, instead of starting one and abandoning it right away like he did with the original Alien?

And Wesley Snipes seems to think there are more Blade movies in the cards at Marvel Studios. But Marvel Studios doesn’t seem interested in keeping the continuity of earlier superhero movies alive in their own franchise, so is Snipes guilty of wishful thinking or is there something else that Marvel could do with him?

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