YACHT Hosts Music Showcase and Art Exhibition at the Getty Center

A diverse crowd gathered at the Getty Center last night not just to see all the beautiful artwork, exhibits and architecture, but to listen to live music, engage with interactive installations, and walk the picturesque grounds. 

Yacht Getty Party - Event From Above

The event was hosted by Claire Evans and Jona Bechtolt of the band YACHT to raise awareness of the app they recently released called “5 Every Day” – which offers users 5 cool things to do every day in L.A. As to be expected, the eclectic and ostentatious hosts added their own flavor to the walls, windows, and doors of the museum by hanging up serial yellow signs with abstract quotes and quips for people to read.

Yacht Getty Party - Signs

Also scattered around the main courtyard of the museum were interactive exhibits where people could immerse themsevles in the event itslef. One of them entitled “Body High”, invited guests to play a piano synched with an ambient, atmospheric soundtrack alongside a visual display of all the things that undoubtedly remind you of Los Angeles.  Yacht Getty Party - Body High

But the main attraction of the night was the music showcase on the main stage, featuring Jeffrey Brodsky, a DJ set by Body High, and a performance by Yung Jake. Now, I’m not one cast judgment or go out of my way to say overly disparaging things about people who have the guts to perform on stage, but Yung Jake put on quite possibly one of the most embarrassing performances I have ever seen. Half the time I couldn’t understand a word he was saying, and the other half of the time he was playing songs with his mediocre pre-recorded vocals as the backing track, overdubbed with worse versions of those vocals sung live through the PA. 

The only saving grace for Yung, Yung tired little Jake was that Reggie Watts and his super hot girlfriend put on a dance performance after his set that was so sultry and undulating,  it made Dancing with the Stars look like dancing with Yung Jake (Tired Yung Jake to be more specific).  

Again, I apologize for the negativity, so here is a great song by YACHT to smooth things over.