Watch Exclusive 360 Video of Jay xero DJing at Space Yacht

Contrary to what EDM haters think, a DJ doesn’t just push buttons. To really appreciate what a DJ does you have to see it in action. Take for instance Crave’s exclusive 360 video of Jay xero’s performance at Space Yacht at Genesis in Hollywood.

As the 360 video shows, Jay xero is not just a pretty face (dude is a model), but pretty talented too as he mixes and matches BPMs, working the thirsty crowd into a lather.

Also: Interview | From Jay xero to DJ Hero

Jay will be spinning a private party for Lenny Kravitz in SoHo on Feb. 23 and word is that he’s also debuting a live show on Feb. 24 at a secret location in the West Village.Check out for the latest info.


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