SXSW 2017 | Migos, Jay Som and Amine Headline Crave’s Playlist

Photo: David Becker (Getty Images)

The 2017 South By Southwest (SXSW) Festival is officially underway! Over the next ten days musicians from across the globe and across every Spotify station will come to the “Live Music Capital of the World” to showcase themselves and their tunes.

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What makes SXSW 2017 so good is that there are hundreds of bands to check out, both new and old to the good and bad. The downside is just that. One can get lost in the scramble of industry parties, swag bags and one too many Lone Star Beers and end up on a Sixth Street stool alone and listening to a Dio cover band.

To make your festival going experience better, I’ve drained the swamp, curating a 2017 SXSW Music Playlist that will be music to your ears whether you’re going to SXSW or just want to get to know the music artists that will be on everyone’s #humblebrag over the next week-and-a-half.


Photo: David Becker (Getty Images)

“The Beatles of this generation” (according to Donald Glover) will undoubtedly be one of the hottest tickets in Austin. Fresh off their viral sensation “Bad and Bojuee” and its hosts of remixes, the Atlanta rap trio will undoubtedly do, say or wear something that will be the top trending thing at #SXSW2017. 


Fri. March 17, 10:45pm at YouTube at Coppertank

Thievery Corporation

Photo by Frank Hoensch (Getty Images)

The Washington DC duo are in the world beat music business and business has been booming for over 20 years. The artist collective of rotating musicians and vocalists is headed by two chairman of the soundboards (Rob Garza and Eric Hilton) who incorporate literally every type of global music under the Earth’s sun, from Brazilian Bossa Nova to Caribbean dancehall to Indian classical. 


Tue. March 14 11:30pm at Austin City Limits Live at the Moody Theatre 


Photo: Scott Dudelson (Getty Images)

The Portland rapper garnered hip hop blog buzz and major record label attention with his viral hit “Caroline”, which racked up 179 million listens on Spotify (and counting). Now, Amine is back with “Redmercedes” another banger showcasing his wry sense of humor and fast and furious vocal stylings that can shift on a dime.


Wed. March 15 – YouTube at Coppertank Events Center

Wed. March – Vevo at Pelons Tex Mex

Jay Som

Melina Duterte has come a long way from getting her moniker from one of those online baby-name generators. The Bay Area artist rides into Austin on the heels of her long awaited debut album. Written, recorded, played and produced in less than a month by Jay Som herself, she isn’t the first indie darling to wed lo-fi rock with electrified folk, but she may be the best.


3/14 – She Shreds Showcase @ Las Cruxes, 12:30 PM

3/15 – AdHoc @ Cheer Up Charlie’s @ Club DeVille, 1:00 PM

3/15 – Hotel San Jose @ Hotel San Jose, 3:00 PM

3/15 – Culture Collide on Rainey Street @ Bar 96, 5:00 PM

3/16 – Another Planet & Noise Pop’s After the Goldrush @ The Sidewinder, 1:30 PM

3/16 – Pitchfork @ French Legation, 3:30 PM

3/16 – BrooklynVegan @ Cheer Up Charlie’s, 5:30 PM

3/16 – Polyvinyl Showcase @ Cheer Up Charlie’s, 10 PM

3/17 – Urban Outfitters @ Space 24 Twenty, 2:00 PM

3/17 – Austin Oasis @ Hole in the Wall, 5:10 PM


Apple Music tastemaker Zane Lowe premiered this New York-based duo’s new single, “Leave The Light On”, so you know they’ve got the goods. Combining a killer brass heavy beat with dueling harmonies, the former college roommate’s song feels like the audio equivalent of finding a well-made, still stylish keeper in a vintage thrift store. 


Fri. March 17, 9pm at the Parish

Fri. March 16, 3pm at Twix/Collide Bar 96 

Fri. March 16, 2:15pm Record Machine/Tito’s at Shangri La

Fri. March 17, 6:30pm at The Wild Honey Pie presents the Beehive at Weather Up

Fri. March 17, High Road Touring showcase at Lambert’s

Sat. March 18 – Lil Big Fest #5 at the Tiniest Bar in Texas


Photo: Mat Hayward (Getty Images)

Describing They. as R&B is like calling Kanye West complicated. The Los Angeles duo take R&B from the kitchen floor to the dance floor with smoother than silk sheets beats and a unique sound that incorporates guitars, bouncy synths and scat/crooning vocals.


Wed. March 15, ASCAP showcase at Yes Julz

Thu. March 16, Pigeons & Planes on the 16th, and Clash Music


Photo: Randy Holmes (Getty Images)

Not everything that goes viral is disposable. The Los Angeles-based duo broke out this past summer with “Capsize” featuring Emily Warren. The blissed-out, ethereal sung, streaming-friendly single put them on “buzz band” lists for 2017 and yes, that is a marimba you’re hearing on the song. 


Mon. March 13, 8:30pm at The Gatsby 

Thu. March 16, 11:00pm at 800 CONGRESS 

Fri. March  17 10:00pm at Bungalow 

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

The legendary ska band has been a flag bearer for the Japanese ska scene for the past 27 years. Known their freestylin’ live shows,  sharp suits, and tight musicianship, the TSPO are celebrating a new album, Ska Me Forever, boasting a dynamic blend of rock, jazz, ska, and punk.


Wed. March 15, at Moon RUIDO Fest

Thu. March 16 at Maggie Mae’s rooftop show