Four Classic Star Wars Games Are Being Remastered for PS4

A limited edition PS4 console which will be bundled with Star Wars Battlefront has been unveiled, with it also being revealed that the system will come bundled with four “Star Wars classics,” including Super Star Wars, Star Wars Bounty Hunter, Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter and Star Wars: Racer Revenge

Unfortunately, the limited edition PS4 that the games are bundled with leaves a lot to be desired, with it being a particularly lazy design considering the vast array of options Sony could have gone with.

Take the limited edition Star Wars Xbox 360 that launched alongside Kinect Star Wars, for instance, which boasted a wonderful R2-D2 design along with a controller made of the shiny, golden chrome of its droid counterpart C-3PO. On the other hand, the limited edition Star Wars PS4 has little more than a drawing of Darth Vader slapped on it, along with a red, white and black controller reminiscent of the interface utilized by the Sith Lord’s iconic helmet.


The biggest selling point of this PS4, then, is the included voucher to download four old Star Wars games, which have each been given a graphical overhaul along with added trophy support.

Hopefully these games will eventually be released outside of the limited edition collection, as the majority probably aren’t willing to spend hundreds of dollars on revisiting Super Star Wars again, no matter how good that game was. 

For the uninitiated, here’s a video from the guys over at YouTube gaming show Continue? playing through the SNES classic:



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