Thom Yorke Debuts 3 New Songs With Nigel Godrich

Thom Yorke has been light on live promotion of last year’s solo release Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, but it seems the Radiohead/Atoms For Peace frontman is finally getting into the stage spirit. After debuting new material at last month’s Latitude Festival in England, Yorke played a solo show with renowned Radiohead producer and Atoms For Peace bandmate Nigel Godrich at Osaka venue Zepp Namba. 

The show saw a series of tracks from TMB, as well as 2006’s remarkable solo debut The Eraser and Atoms For Peace’s Amok. The two also played 2012 one-off “Twist,” as well as three new songs, which Stereogum reports are called “Impossible Knots,” “Not The News,” and “Traffic.”

Thom Yorke Zepp Namba Osaka setlist:

1. “The Clock”

2. “Brain In A Bottle”

3. “Impossible Knots”

4. “Black Swan”

5. “Guess Again!”

6. “Amok”

7. “Not The News”

8. “Truth Ray”

9. “Traffic”

10. “Twist”

11. “Pink Section”

12. “Nose Grows Some”

13. “Cymbal Rush”

14. “Default”


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