ElectroTrack Therapy: Marshmello’s “HoMe”

If you’ve been paying attention to anything that’s going on in the electronic music scene lately, chances are you’ve seen the name Marshmello in your social feed or on your favorite music blog. This producer has been making major waves as of late with his remixes of famous artists like Calvin Harris, Zedd, and Ariana Grande – except the waves are landing on an unknown shore of an unknown island in an unknown ocean. “What does that mean?” you say…

It means that this guy has taken “ghost producing” to the overly obviuos and literal level. He is currently a mystery, an unknown entity that is making music behind the curtain of anonymity – and he is loving every minute of it. Not a day goes by where there isn’t more news or secrets released about the identity of this infamous producer, but none of these musical bread crumbs have come anywhere close to leading back to his fairytale DJ cottage. 

Regardless of who this rhapsodical raving renegade actually is, he is making some seriusly awesome music right now. This week he released another orignial track titled “HoMe”, which by all counts continues to embody his self proclaimed “deep, fluffy, hybrid, sexy trap, house” style in every sense implied by those words. 

Check out Marshmello’s latest here: