The First Game Has Been Announced for the Nintendo NX


Nintendo NX has received its first announced game, with Square Enix revealing that Dragon Quest 11 will be released on the upcoming console along with the 3DS and PS4.

Though Square Enix has informed Eurogamer that it doesn’t have a “concrete plan” regarding whether or not the game will be coming to the west, it is the first confirmed game that will be released on the next Nintendo platform, with it presumably set to be an NX launch title.

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The RPG was announced during a press conference in Japan, and gameplay footage of it appearing on the PS4 showcased some gorgeous visuals which may be an indication that the NX will be able to compete with Sony and Microsoft’s latest consoles, something which the Wii U struggled with.

Watch the unveiling of Dragon Quest 11 in the video below:

3DS owners will be pleased to know that the game will be more than an awkward port in its transition to the handheld, with it boasting its own distinct art style that sees the 3D action on the top screen paired with 2D sprites on the bottom.

Dragons Quest 11 doesn’t have a confirmed release date, though it is speculated that it will release around the series’ 30th anniversary next year.