Listen: New Eminem Freestyle Takes Aim at Bill Cosby, Caitlyn Jenner


There is no disputing that Eminem is the greatest of all time in the realm of multisyllabic freestyle spitting, and the incendiary MC just delivered another 6-minute run of hilariously offensive stream-of-consciousness goodness. He also took part in an unusually revealing interview as he promoted the new movie Southpaw. 

In the freestyle, Em lays into everyone from Caitlyn Jenner to Bill Cosby, ranting about side effects from anti-depressants with all kinds of non-sequitor oddities like “Cindy Crawford trying to fend me off with a bendy straw at the Waffle House”. Watch out for the killer Miley Cyrus topic drop early on, a Southpaw premiere reference, a nasty cunnilingus reference and more. Pure gold. 

Eminem is executive producer of the new boxing movie Southpaw, and is doing the press rounds to promote the film. Alongside Em was his manager, lawyer and longtime friend, Paul Rosenberg, and for the first time ever, fans can hear the story on how they met, with a hilarious bit of role reversal in the conversation. 

We also hear about the birth of the Slim Shady moniker, and about his own experiences while producing Renegade and Moment of Clarity for Jay-Z. Check out the entire interview below.