EVO 2015 Street Fighter Final Ends in Controversy After Controller Malfunction


EVO 2015’s Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament ended in controversy yesterday after a controller malfunction interrupted its final match-up.

In the match between Momochi and GamerBee, Momochi appeared to accidentally pause the game, before it was revealed that his control stick had suffered a malfunction. This interruption in the match allowed GamerBee to make the decision to have Momochi forfeit the round, putting them at 1:1. After a lengthy pause in which both competitors were forced to wait for a round to time out, Momoochi then went on to secure the third and final round, winning the tournament in the process.

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Though the pause did effectively hand GamerBee a round for free, many are pointing to how the interruption in the flow of the game would have proved to be off-putting for both competitors, with Momochi’s victory therefore being undermined by the dramatic events that unfolded. Though GamerBee ultimately lost out on a tournament victory, he has earned himself an automatic qualification in the Capcom Cup.

Watch the controversial final below:

With Street Fighter 5 set to release in March 2016, many have predicted that this could have been the last time Ultra Street Fighter 4 would be featured at EVO. If that is the case then that makes GamerBee’s dramatic loss a much more bitter pill to swallow, and he’ll be hoping that he can make up for his exit from the EVO finals at the Capcom Cup.