Gerard Way’s ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Comic Looks Set For TV

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Brace yourselves, Umbrella Academy fans — Gerard Way‘s superhero comic looks set to appear on our TV screens, thanks to a new deal between some cable TV and comic book heavyweights.

As USA Today reports, The Umbrella Academy, which is illustrated by Gabriel Bá, is one of four Dark Hourse comics which are in development under a new deal between Universal Cable Productions and Dark Horse Entertainment.

The companies are planning to develop and produce shows based on The Umbrella Academy, Harrow County, Back Up and Concrete, as well as creating some new material.

Taking to Twitter, Gerard Way has shared his excitement with fans, saying, “Very excited that our comic, The Umbrella Academy may be coming to TV! Congrats and thank you to Dark Horse Comics and the entire staff of family there. Let’s see what happens!”

The former frontman of My Chemical Romance also added, “Very exciting way to start the day of writing Umbrella Academy Series 3 — potentially need to stay ahead of that show!”

The Umbrella Academy was in development as a film as early as 2012, but the new television deal between Universal Cable Productions and Dark Horse Entertainment spawned from discussions at last year’s Comic-Con in San Diego.

Universal Cable Productions chief Jeff Wachtel has said, “We’re going big titles and big ideas. There’s no question that in a crowded market having a big title helps you break through the clutter.

“But the real key is finding the people who make the stuff up. One of the great things about Dark Horse is that it’s such a fertile factory of imagination.”

Catch CraveOnline‘s chat with Dark Horse Editor-in-Chief Scott Allie, here, in which he discusses the return of The Umbrella Academy.