Who is Ruby Rose? The Orange is the New Black Star Everyone’s Talking About


It feels like I went to bed one evening, only to wake up the next morning in a world in which everyone was talking about Ruby Rose, as though the Earth’s population had held a meeting and failed to invite me in which they all concluded that every conversation would exclusively revolve around the 29-year-old Australian from here on out.

The actress has burst onto the scene playing the role of Stella in the Netflix series Orange is the New Black, and she’s made a pretty remarkable impact. Not a day goes by where a Facebook photo of her commendably angular bone structure hasn’t graced my news feed, and it seems like every otherwise heterosexual woman has decided that “turning gay” is now a possibility as they reiterate how they would, like, totally go gay for her, seemingly unaware of a little thing called the Kinsey Scale.

So let’s get to the bottom of this once and for all: who is Ruby Rose?

Photos: Facebook.com/RubyRose