The Rolling Stones are Gearing Up to Record a New Album


The Rolling Stones are looking to record a brand new album, according to guitarist Keith Richards.

Having recently embarked on their US tour, Richards stated that the band began to discuss a potential new LP whilst rehearsing. Speaking to Rolling Stone, Richards said: “Funny you should mention [recording]”. Just last week, the word ‘studio’ popped up while we were rehearsing. I said, ‘Well, let’s find a time. I’m ready’.”

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Richards also spoke of how frontman Mick Jagger is coping since the tragic death of his girlfriend L’Wren Scott, and how the band is helping him to cope with her passing. “We’ve never been closer,” Richards said. “Mick went through that terrible thing, and the band has become even more important to him because of that.”


Jagger also stated that he felt “pretty good” ahead of the tour, saying: “Sometimes at the beginning of these tours, you feel a bit achy. But I’m in good shape. It’s all about avoiding being injured. You’ve just got to watch it and not overdo it, and you should be able to do it for a little bit longer… It’s like being on some dreadful football team!”

Jagger previously stated that he wanted to record a new Rolling Stones album, and that if the rest of the band weren’t of the same mindset, he’d be inclined to record a solo album instead. It seems that he’s got at least one another band member in agreement with him.

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