Album Premiere: An Intimate Evening With Michael Shaw Unveil Cathartic, Soaring ‘This Is It’

Michael Shaw
Crave is proud to exclusively premiere This Is It, the new album from An Intimate Evening With Michael Shaw. Available for order on iTunes now, the record is a candid, raw journey of emotion and storytelling from project nucleus Michael Shaw.
A Bay area import by way of Ireland, Shaw began work on the album soon after discovering his mother had cancer, and was completed not long after she passed on. Rooted in a quiet setting in Northern Ireland, the recordings evoke a pop sensibility and grandiosity of sound akin to David Bowie, with a little Wilco thrown in.
Shaw explains the album’s origins in his own words, calling the record “a collection of songs about friends, family and foes. It materialized in a small cottage on the Antrim Coast in my native Northern Ireland,” he shared. “Each song focuses on one of a cast of characters in my life; the obsessive possessive, the alcoholic husband, the lonely love-seeker, the underdog….the, well…you get the idea. I reluctantly formed the band after a drunken night with Kenny – our drummer. He heard some piano demos I had done and suggested I form a band with me playing piano. I told myself I would only go ahead with it if I could get Eli to play guitar and Colin to play bass. Still not sure why, but they said yes.”
Michael continues: “We recorded it on the flanks of a mountain overlooking the Pacific Ocean days after my mother died of cancer. I poured my sorrow into every song. I named the record ‘This Is It.’ because I thought it perfectly described a pivotal moment for me – was it the presentation of something new or the nail in the coffin? My best vocals on this record were probably done as I washed down the final sips of my second martini. Grey Goose, Up. Dirty. Twist.”
“During the recording process, if we came to a fork in the road, we either used Brian Eno’s oblique strategies or we asked ourselves WWTSD? (what would taylor swift do?) and then did the exact opposite.”
A unique formula, but one which clearly works. Listen to This Is It in full below, exclusively on Crave:

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Photo: Francis Baker