8 Underrated World War II Movies for Memorial Day

As you settle in for another sunny Memorial Day, fire up the barbecue and mount the American flag, you may find yourself taking place in yet another yearly tradition: watching World War II movies. For decades, classic films like The Dirty DozenThe Bridge on the River KwaiThe Longest DaySaving Private Ryan and The Great Escape have been regular household staples, but there have been hundreds and hundreds of World War II movies that don’t get nearly as much attention. Well, we’d like to change that.

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So take a moment to consider watching some World War II films that are as great as the all-time classics but never got enough recognition, and some films that were once major award-winners but have since fallen out of mainstream consciousness, along with a few recent World War II movies that didn’t get enough credit from audiences and critics who weren’t on the right wavelength at the time. And let us know which World War II films you love that aren’t talked about enough, so we can bring them back into the conversation too.

Happy Memorial Day, everybody!

Eight Underrated World War II Movies for Memorial Day:

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